Design System for scale in Adobe XD

Move projects to your users faster with a UI Kit designed for greater consistency and usability that adapts to your design needs.

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Pattern States


Custom Icons



Pegasus beta release for Adobe XD Beta

Now Available! Pegasus Design System - XD (Beta). By popular demand, we have released Pegasus Design System for Adobe XD. The XD version is an adaptation of our popular Figma Design System and will contain some differences in features and functionality due to the nature of Figma/XD. For example: Auto-layout & Variants functionalities.

Trusted by over 36K designers in 65+ countries.

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Lifetime updates!

Get the discount of a Beta release and all the benefits of our enhancements towards the XD - Pro release. We hope you enjoy this product. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach us at We are excited to structure your favorite XD Design System.

Who is Pegasus for?

🧑🏽‍🎨 Designers & Teams

Instantly insure greater speed and consistancy. Reduce production delays. Use a flexible framework of tested components. Increase your ability to focus on crafting in key areas.

🏁 Startups & Agencies

Iterate on ideas faster, close more projects, and provide better workflow balance for design teams. Hand-off to development with pixel-perfect accuracy.

Built to accelerate your product workflow. 🚀


Modular Components

With the modular structure of Pegasus Pro’s Components, your team can move ideas to prototypes faster than ever.


Branding built to Customize

Be empowered to quickly transform components into products with your unique branding guidelines.


Work at Massive Scale

Made to manage multiple products, Eliminate design fragmentation with a solid and consistent foundation.

Crafted with Inclusive Design.


Best practices all included.

Auto Layout

Component with Instances


Light & Darkmode Included


Native Pattern Support

Used and trusted by top designers.

Enes Olcay

The visual look & feel is soft, appealing and very human-friendly.

User Experience Designer
Abdul Basit Masood

Love the responsive layouts, structure, it's amazing totally worth it!

Visual/UX Designer

Start building today. 🎉

For a limited time we dropping early customer pricing!

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Single license

  • For Adobe XD
  • 2000+ Pattern States
  • 330+ Custom Icons
  • 100+ Styles
  • Light/Darkmode
  • Web/Native UI
  • Lifetime Updates




Five Users

  • For Adobe XD
  • 2000+ Pattern States
  • 330+ Custom Icons
  • 100+ Styles
  • Light/Darkmode
  • Web/Native UI
  • Lifetime Updates
  • +4 Users




Unlimited Users

  • For Adobe XD
  • 2000+ Pattern States
  • 330+ Custom Icons
  • 100+ Styles
  • Light/Darkmode
  • Web/Native UI
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Unlimited Users

How does Pegasus help designers?

If you are tired of wasting time starting from scratch on every project and want to speed up your workflow and that of your fellow designers.

If development teams are frustrated trying to integrate designs that are lacking in pixel perfection or missing use cases, Pegasus can help.

If you want to promote inclusive design with full accessibility but are too busy balancing priorities to simply stop and shore up items like focus states and color contrast.

If you are experiencing Design Fragmentation across teams, projects or products and the results no longer look and feel like they come from the same company.

With a single source of truth your codebase can avoid the duplication that leads to technical debt and higher maintenance costs.

If you have a large spread of stylistic preferences, training in UX or IC experience on the design teams you work with.