Design System Templates

What are Templates?

Templates are pre-designed layouts that utilize components and patterns to structure content in a consistent and user-friendly manner. They accelerate design and development, ensuring a unified look and feel across different screens or pages.


Core Templates List

  1. Landing Page
  2. Ecommerce Shop
  3. Social Media Platform
  4. Metric Dashboard
  5. Financial Reporting Tables
  6. Real Estate App
  7. Chat Productivity App
  8. Maps Wayfinding App
  9. Trading Exchange App
  10. Help Center Microsite

Design System Template Definitions

  1. Landing Page: Webpage guiding first-time visitors to desired actions.
  2. Ecommerce Shop: Online platform for buying and selling goods.
  3. Social Media Platform: Digital space for social interaction and content sharing.
  4. Metric Dashboard: Visual interface for tracking key performance indicators.
  5. Financial Reporting Tables: Tabular data presentation of financial results.
  6. Real Estate App: Digital tool for property browsing and transactions.
  7. Chat Productivity App: Application facilitating collaborative communication and tasks.
  8. Maps Wayfinding App: Digital navigation guide with route suggestions.
  9. Trading Exchange App: Application for buying, selling, and managing investments.
  10. Help Center Microsite: Dedicated website providing support and information.
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