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Pegasus is a design community. We create resources that save designers and product creators time, so they can craft what matters.

Why did we start Pegasus?

To document what we have done for other companies for combined decades. We want to teach the pitfalls and the lessons learned in Startups, Public Companies and Agencies. We see this company as a provider of resources that will evolve with the market and the needs of our community. In short, an agile and streamlined Design System you’ll love to use. Perfect for Startups, Agencies and UX / Product designers.

What makes Pegasus unique?

We didn’t see a product line that bridges the usability needs of the top 20 apps and pair that with the design artistry of top designers sharing more experimental work.

What is its mission?

To give back by helping the community quickly achieve quality and consistency at scale. In this way they can shift their time to craft what truly matters. We aim to help ventures become successful, so they can provide quality careers and bring meaningful products into the world.

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